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We provide streamlined and secure access to the world’s deepest liquidity pools: our liquidity aggregation provides Institutional traders with unique access to opportunities in the crypto asset space. Merkle is quickly becoming the counterparty of choice for many innovative investors.

Programmatic liquidity sourcing and OTC trading to the achieve best execution price for digital assets.

By leveraging our connectivity to hundreds of exchanges across the world and proprietary execution, we achieve better results for our trading counterparts. By utilising our in-house software, counterparties transact near mid-market minus a small fee. Flexible algorithmic strategies can be further tailored to any requirement.

Whether the focus for a miner or ICO liquidating inventory to manage their cash flows and OPEX or a family office, working to build a position over time in an altcoin, we can provide efficient execution via our bots, manual/voice trading, or brokered transactions.

Providing liquidity for digital assets to decrease fees and depth of markets, while lowering volatility .

Providing liquidity for digital assets to lower costs of trading and volatility. Through programmatic liquidity, we work with dozens of digital assets, across multiple venues and hundreds of crosses, helping market participants by acting as the buyer and seller of last resort.

Customised risk management solutions to help to maximise exposure and minimise risk for digital asset trading.

From servicing Token projects to Professional Investors, Exchanges, Miners and digital asset-related businesses. We provide new tools for risk management, with a simple goal to make future risks tradable, which creates the two primary uses: hedging and investments. Institutions like to eliminate uncertainty by exchanging market risk; using derivatives or other products or vehicles to protect themselves from a change in a market that would put their business, or its profitability, at risk..

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